Positivity Continued

I am that I am

A beaming ball of light

Here to overflow the

Chaotic evils on the street.

To light up the darkness, at times you have to be that only light source.

When theres no flashlight to grab,

I am the flash with

A pure, natural light

An Ultra Shine

And a beautiful beam.

I love looking out and Up

And above and beyond

And below and deeper.

And inside me and outside me.

Tune my eyes to Align

So that I cam truly feel divine.



I love to write and re-write my affirmations. These are Affirmations I wrote in my journal 2 months ago exactly and have been reciting them in hopes I can manifest these feelings truly. Hope you enjoy and begin to Affirm some of these statements for yourself.

I am Love.

I am Light.

I am Beauty.

I am a reflection of my Sun.

I am an Orange Moon.

I am in tune.

I can do all that I believe in.

I can love

I can smile.

I can speak passionately and UN-apologetically.

Soundwave Adoration

Music has brought me happiness 

Once again, I can smile, because of the notes.

The vibrations of the soundwaves life my soul 20ft. from the ashes.

Rising from the grave like a Phoenix. 

Supercharged and ready for another chance to take over.

Love is within me,

Love is addicting,

Love is arising

Love is not timely

Love is forever

Love is together

Love is on another level

Love is altogether. 


Today is a transformational day. Great ideas have begun to take action in my life. I can feel it. I feel my dreams manifesting before me. The more knowledge I acquire of nutrition, the more i can carry out my energy to make it happen. I have had this plan in my mind for too long now. And I’m now investing a lot of time and money to research how “Food is Medicine”, since I began my journey to Vegan Wellness and Natural Healing last summer. As a new summer approaches, I look back to how much I have grown since then.

“The grass is greener where you water it.”

I’m SOOOO over cigarettes. Physically anyways. I don’t want to buy anymore. But, there’s a mental nagging voice in the back of my head that only utters the same sentence, “You need a cigarette. You need a cigarette. You need a cigarette. You need a cigarette. ”

I hear him all throughout the day. His voice can be as tiny as a mouse while I’m smoking or as grand as the state capitol when I feel like i actually do NEED a cigarette. I feel like I’m going YONKERS over cancer sticks!!

Lol, no but seriously, i love Tyler the Creator. (commercial break, watch the vid, kick back.)

. . . . .

(Oh hey, you’re back for more of my cigarette rant. cool)

I need to start catching when this voice gets louder and finding the trigger that activates it. When i finish eating something can be when the voice gets hella loud! I should, when I finish eating, think, “I NEED some water, something came over me!” In my best Kendrick Lamar voice. (lightbulb moment: I do need more water and thankhs kendrick. I need to Lust over Water.)

I need to focus on my Breaths and Green Juices and True Cleansing and Happyness of my inner self. These are what I truly NEED. This is what I need to focus on every day, not a damn cigarette. This cancels out room for growth. Toxins calcify; water flushes out. Let’s Lust over the routine of Flushing out the Toxins. I NEED SOME WATER; SOMETHING CAME OVER ME! ”

A week ago, I quit smoking cigarettes. And I found the best solution to getting rid of the urge was water. Plenty of it! From everywhere! From what I ate and consumed to the long, meditative showers of steamy meditation that take place every morning and evening. When breaking an addiction come into play, Water is the mighty sword that will break it.

Cleanse yourself. Internally at first. And know that it will take time to see a transformation. Especially if what you have been exposed to is toxicity. Remove it. Remove the toxicity from the body and lightness will flow like a river Oshun created herself.


Garden of Love

” Plant a seed of thought and nourish it for the next 30 days, and let the Universe work.”

Would you neglect the seeds that you planted in hopes of harvest and plentiful foods? No, you would nourish and attend to your garden. You would water it daily and make sure it gets all the sunlight and minerals and love that everything else that goes into growing a prospeous, healthy garden requires.

The same goes for yourself. We are in fact, just like a garden and need as much nourishment and attending to.

The path to self-care and self-love is a marvelous and destructive one, so be ready to explore all that your mind contains as it flushes out of you and molds you into a luscious Garden of Love.


As we explore the mind, body, and soul of our selves, we realize how important we are.

For myself, right now and always, but more so now than ever it is a peace of mind. To start with a peaceful mind, I must start from the Garden. This is the base, the foundation. This is what’s most important to sustain ANYTHING long lasting!

Positive Truths:

I affirm these statements to be true.

I am beautiful.

I am lovely.

I am strong.

I have a higher sense of purpose.

(sn about me: I love music while studying)


Sacred Woman Serenity Prayer

Sacred Woman in the making,

Sacred Woman Reawaken,

Sacred Spirit, hold me near,

Protect me from all harm and fear, beneath the Stones of life.

Direct my steps in the right way as I journey through this vision,

Sacred Spirt,

Surround me in your most absolute perfect light.

Annoint me in your Sacred Purity,


And divine insight

Bless me, truly bless me, as I share this Sacred Life.

Teach me, Sacred Spirit, to be in tune with the Universe

Teach me how to heal with my inner and outer elements of air, fire, water, and Earth. “

Patient Thinking

11/21/17-11/22/17 written journal entries. 

“My thoughts seem radical and irrational at first and at times. I would drive myself crazy trying to change my thought process. 

I would ask myself, “‘Why am I feeling this way?’ ;’Why are my thoughts like this?’ ; ‘ Is my mind sick?’ ‘Nobody understands me.’

The frustration would rise as my thoughts became more complex. Or were they sporadically splattered and floating in a maze of brain waves? Not so complex, just different, just off focus, needs fixing. And purpose. And thought. 

I know what I want, how to get it, and where it is; my purpose. I lack patience, but I’m working on it daily. Breathing out my tension in Fire Breaths. Relaxing my aura because it need not shine at every moment. It may be dim at times and that’s okay, it’s at deep rest. 

I need confidence that every obstacle will come to pass. And once that obstacle has passed, I need to overcome the damage the obstacle caused, whether it be a scrape of the knee or a travesty. I need to wash it off my skin. Then, I can sprout and grow. Nothing is holding me down anymore. IM NOT HOLDING ME BACK ANYMORE. It’s time to get out of the mud. 

I want my own natural hair care business. I’m going to get it. I have talent, the knowledge, the thirst to learn more knowledge and compassion to share it. Business cards are being  made, and clientele is coming back. True Profit will come surely. An uncluttered mind and a sound soul equals greatness. 

Patience and Meditation will assist in achieving these goals. I have my Sacred Space in where I meditate and listen to my calming music of Zen and flutes and singing bowls and vibrational lifting. This is a priority. Journal writing is a priority. Having a sound soul is priority. Even if I am re writing 10 Positive Affirmations, I am still much closer to manifesting my dreams into reality than if I didn’t write it again after the first time. ”


The evil veil in this world is lifting. The key to not being affected by those entities is having higher vibrations flowing from your mind. Higher than the evil. I do not need to even interact with them! 

But remember evil energy flows in a 5th dimensional space as well and cam latch onto negative thought. Don’t numb yourself. Don’t zombify your muscles and brain cells. Don’t fall into the black hole. 

Control and master your Spiritual Discernment, no matter the religious preference practiced behind it. Luciferian Energy takes hold in anyway it can to survive. Don’t let it leech on to your Beauty. What is your Satan? Kick it out of your world, shake it off your iron shirt, and Chase them Devil’s out of Earth!. “

I just Wanna Be Successful

So, I haven’t published a blog entry in awhile, but I have been writing in my journal. I haven’t really read what I write, which I don’t understand why. Am I ashamed of my thoughts and writing? Or did my feelings become numb over time? Whose to tell or really know the answer. ( I’m an over-thinker)

Re-reading some of my written journal entries from last month is helping me to find the answers I’m searching for. And as I make notes on the side, scratch out misspelled words, and fix run-ons, (or keep them), I see how I grow and evolve.


‘Sometimes, I have so much on my mind, I don’t know what to write. My thoughts get scrambled and I worry all my issues into one giant pot. I don’t want to feel overwhelmed. Why can’t life be comforting? Not just comfortable situations here and there;quick smoke breaks that leave me light-headed and lighter-hearted. Legit happiness pursued, grasped, and lived.

Dissect the game if you have to;the plan; the mind. How am I going to be successful? Kendrick Lamar feeds my pen right now, as his lyrical lips whisper in my ear” Thug Amendments” of ‘How to pimp a Butterfly.’ The lyric that stood out to me in ‘Hood Politics’ , “Priorities fucked up, Ya energies all wrong nshit.”

Bob Marley cries out, ” If you’re not happy, you must be blue.”

Tupac raps to “Keep Ya Head Up”

Sade coos for me to “Feel no Pain” , so what do you think they are all trying to say!!

Success begins with me. Realigning my chakras of happiness and contentment. Redirecting my energy towards meaningful aspirations and goals. ”

And that starts today on 12/16/17.