Negative Thoughts 

Negative Thoughts affect me on a daily basis. Do they affect you? 

I don’t activate them in my brain, they just come to. Is this true for you? 

A positive light drowns in negative sorrow.

Overwhelming visions of yesteryear destroying a prosperous tomorrow. 

Personal bullying and, ” No you can’t do thats” pop up like mold, suffocating my daily positive affirmations.

Deteriorating my health, I feel like a sick patient.

“What will they think if they see my ugly mole when I blink?”

“Is the gap between my teeth too wide for your phone screen? ”

“Does the pimple on my cheek distract you from my intellect?” 

“Can you see my oxymoronic, blasphemous, second-guessing mindset? 

I can’t even rhyme.

I’m losing my mind.

I just know its time. 

For something else. To knock the negativity off my shelf. 

To bury insecurity in a pine box. I pray they shrivel up and die and rot.

O, I’m done. I just wanna know….Can I stay positive? 


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