Love Letter to Me 

My wellness is internally sound.  I just need to bring it out and into the open. 

Spirit of Afrakan beauty, show me harmonious balance throughout the universe.

My womb is at peace,  all diseases must vanish like a shell washing off the beach. 

Wickedness!  No longer exist in me!

My body colored in a spangling of a thousand Sirius stars,  I shower you with inner peace. 

As visions of dreams of goals of Abundant Life and blessing speak to me.

I now make it my business to heal you spiritually,  mentally,  and physically. 

There are no limits as my Ancestors dance above the stars,  burning their toes,  exhaling speckles of wisdom here and there.

And everywhere!

You shake this house!

You shake power into me and cleanse this toxic waste I am so heavy of!

Mucus,  clotting,  and stench must disappear,  vanish,  disintegrate,  and a vast glory of righteousness shall appear. And it will grow.

You are so beautiful Nubia!! 


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